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Maharaji's Mission


Rooted in the Sikh tradition and the universal teachings of its Gurus, Gobind Sadan, "God's House Without Walls," is an international interfaith community currently with centers in India, and in the U.S., which has grown out of Baba Virsa Singh ji's vision for world peace.

This site offers sacred material from all traditions for contemplation. It is our hope that people of all faiths—or no faith—will find spiritual refreshment, relief from stress, inner empowerment, strengthening in faith, and healing here.

"Don't waste a moment. As soon you begin meditating, reciting Nam, and seeking God's Light within yourself, your life will change.
As more and more people do so, the world will change.

Baba Virsa Singh Ji

Shiv Ji Maharaj



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Baba Virsa Singh Ji
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New Gurudwara Inauguration at Gobind Sadan (USA)
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1. Asa Di Var 1
2. Asa Di Var 2
3. Kirtan Classical Raag
4. Kirtan Tej Pratap
5. Chandi Di Var
6. Dhan Guru Gobind Singh
7. Maharaji Naam Simram